Gloucestershire Pet Photography

Gloucestershire pet photography

by ChunkHound will give you amazing and memorable images of your adorable dogs, cats, horses or pretty much any other animal you care for.

Pet Photography Gloucestershire Pet Photography Gloucestershire Pet Photography Gloucestershire Pet Photography Gloucestershire
What is the character of your pet?

Are they cuddly?



Or madness on a lead?

Whatever they are like, however young or old, they are precious to us.

Since we all have memories of our pets, its so important that the photographs capture those memories accurately. And beautifully.

So at ChunkHound, we make it our goal to record the essence of the character of your pets.

Call us today for your very own photo-shoot.

01453 890 830

Chunkhound is a Gloucestershire Pet Photography specialist, also covering South Gloucestershire, Bristol, Wiltshire, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and South Wales.  We have photographed across England and Wales as far north as Manchester, but we’re happy to shoot across the whole of the UK.

Taking the photograph is only part of the story.

Following the pet photography shoot, we then select the very best photographs and produce a set of stunning images for you to view at our studios.

Here, you can see a range of different framing options to suit the style of your home. But its always entirely up to you what you would like to choose from the gorgeous art we will show you.

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