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Home shoots are ideal if you have small puppies or nervous dogs.

Because they will be familiar with their location, the only unknown will be our photographer.  So they’ll spend a few minutes chatting to you and allowing your pet to feel comfortable with the photographer and the camera equipment.

What if my home or garden is small?

An enormous dog in a tiny garden can be a bit difficult.  But we will be able to do a shoot in most cases regardless of size.  It might be that the range of different images might be a little more limited.


Depending on the time of day or season of the year we will try to use natural light even indoors.

But since this is not always possible, we’ll bring a portable studio lighting kit.Dog & Pet Photography

These lights are not flash kits – we don’t want to scare a nervous pet.  The lighting kits are known as Continuous Lighting, and are a low powered but very bright light bulb, modified with a selection of filters or reflectors.

These gives us the potential for soft portrait shots or moody lighting.  And we’ll generally try a mix.

But since all pets have their own personality and even mood swings, the shoot will be very fluid.

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See the Photoshoot Session menu section for more helpful information. Or click on the Book a Photoshoot link to enquire about a shoot.




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